better golf instruction

The Evolution of Golf Instruction

Allow me to introduce you to 3 distinct PSYCHOLOGICAL phases golfers should be SYSTEMATICALLY coached through in order to play and perform consistently. Phase 1.

golf coaching

What were you thinking?

As a golf coach, do you often wonder what your client is thinking about when struggling with a golf lesson? As a player, how often

maintaning focus under pressure

How to Maintain Focus Under Pressure Part 1

A two-part series on concentration and mind calming techniques for successfully coping with pre-performance nerves, anxiety and competition pressure. Part 1 : Positive Emotional States

tennis goal setting

The Power of Goals

With the beginning of a new year our thoughts turn to what we want to achieve – what goals we want to set for this

beyond goal setting

Don’t Just Set Goals

Establish Positive Achievement Routines and LOVE the Training In sports coaching the concept of goal setting has taken on the status of an immutable ‘truth’