Sportsmind Applied Sports Psychology & Sports NLP Training Programs for Coaches

The Sportsmind Institute offers the most up-to-date and advanced programs in applied sports psychology, mental skills training and the new technology of Sports NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) for teachers and coaches.

Coaches have a choice of attending individual workshops (see details below), or enrolling in the comprehensive Sportsmind Coaching Excellence Course for professional sports coaches by correspondence, (see “Coach Education”), which provides accreditation as a Sportsmind Level 2 coach.

To bring out the best in students, some special features of all Sportsmind courses are :

Applied & Practical
While all Sportsmind courses are intellectually rigorous and up-to-date with the latest performance enhancement research in mental training, the emphasis is always on applied and practical skills which coaches can use immediately to improve their coaching – not academic theory.

Accreditation, Coaching Resources and Professional Support.
All workshop attendees receive comprehensive workshop notes – including coaching handouts, suggested activities and drills, etc. Graduates of the Level 2 program receive a Sportsmind Institute certificate, 12 months registration as a licensed Sportsmind Coach and listing on the Sportsmind website register of accredited performance coaches, and can apply for 8 CEC points accredited with Fitness Australia.
[Note that the Sportsmind Institute has not been accredited under the Vocational Education, Training and Employment Act 1991 (Section 3.7), and Sportsmind courses and qualifications have not been accredited under the act]

No Pre-requisite Study Required.
Sportsmind Coaching Excellence, Mental Mastery and Sports Hypnosis courses are open to all, and require no pre-requisite study, unless otherwise specified. Individual workshop details for these programs are provided below. For tuition fees, course dates and venues, see the workshop “diary”.

Excellence – Based Assessment & No Failure.
For those enrolled in the Sportsmind Level 2 Correspondence program, note that learning tasks are demanding, and are designed to encourage independent thought and practical application, rather than regurgitation of facts – you don’t build great athletes and coaches by accepting mediocre or just ‘competent’ efforts. There is no ‘failure’ – unless you give up, and withdraw from the course. Exercises and learning tasks are simply repeated, if necessary, until the expected standard of excellence is attained.

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What Clients Like About Sportsmind & Jeffrey Hodges

Some Feedbacks

What Clients Like About Sportsmind & Jeffrey Hodges