Sportsmind Coaching Excellence Correspondence Course

A ten module course incorporating the Sportsmind Mental Mastery program and an introduction to Sports-NLP coaching techniques, into a home study format. The course involves a time commitment of 12 – 18 months; each module requiring 30 to 35 hours of reading and practical assignment activities.

There is no pre-requisite for enrolment, though obviously an interest in sport and a desire to pursue a professional career in sport coaching or athlete management is an advantage.

Each module covers an aspect of mental training for sport, and emphasises practical techniques rather than theory – allowing students to apply the knowledge to their own sports situations. All study materials are included : a comprehensive Sportsmind Coaching Excellence training manual, textbooks and readings, CDs, and exercise and assignment worksheets.

Assessment is by short exercises and assignments in which students demonstrate competency before progressing to the next module Students are graded as competent (C), or not yet competent (N), on each module with a ‘no failure’ policy – students simply continue working at a specific module until the required standard is attained.

Regular contact with the teacher is encouraged and access for questions or feedback is provided by telephone, email and/or in written form. 

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to NLP : Rapport & Communication Excellence

Module 2: Sports NLP : Perceptual & Anchoring Techniques

Module 3: Sports NLP : Meta Model & SUCCESS Process

Module 4: Positive Motivation

Module 5: Compelling Sports Goals

Module 6: Concentration and State Management

Module 7: Relaxation, Anxiety Management Mental Rehearsal & Advanced Visualisation Techniques

Module 8: Positive Mental Attitude & Positive Self Image

Module 9: Confidence & Self Esteem for Athletes

Module 10: Beliefs & Sports Performance

General Outcomes

The Sportsmind Coaching Excellence program is outcome oriented to provide a broad range of practical skills and techniques for dealing with the common mental and emotional obstacles to higher sports performance. The ideas taught are simple and easy to apply in both practice and competition situations, and are suitable for all sports and levels of ability.

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What Clients Like About Sportsmind & Jeffrey Hodges

Some Feedbacks

What Clients Like About Sportsmind & Jeffrey Hodges