Sportsmind Vision

The Sportsmind Vision


When I wrote Sportsmind in 1993, I outlined a vision to establish a network of interested people around the world and an education institute to provide Sports-NLP training.

This worldwide network now has 3,000 sportspeople, coaches and sporting organisations. The Sportsmind Institute for Human Performance Research, established in 1996, provides two professional training courses to licence Sportsmind trainers; has this web site; provides a range of top quality books and audio tapes by leading NLP researchers; and produces a newsletter.


The Sportsmind Institute currently offers two training courses in Sports-NLP. The Correspondence Course in Sports Motivation and NLP is a ten module course which provides the essential basics of the seven skills of
the sports mind, and an introduction to Sports-NLP. This course is primarily aimed at sportspeople and coaches who want to enhance their own sporting or coaching skills and performance, and graduates attain Level 2 status.

The Sportsmind-NLP Practitioner training held in association leading NLP training organisations, is designed for those who want to be more intimately involved with Sportsmind, and be able to conduct training courses for sports clubs and coaches in their region, as well as private Sports-NLP performance consulting for other athletes. Graduates attain Level 2 status.

Further training to Level 3 status is also available for those seriously interested in sharing the Sportsmind vision.


Over the next ten years our goal is to make Sportsmind the leading personal development provider for athletes in the world – and to establish a network of 1,000 Sportsmind accredited performance consultants who can provide assistance for top athletes, sports clubs and corporations – worldwide. The people involved will have a practicing sports background, have an interest in coaching, and be superb facilitators able to create learning environments which are challenging, enjoyable and directed at personal development for the highest good.


To be part of this vision, you will at least complete the Sportsmind Coaching Excellence course to attain Level 1 Sportsmind accreditation,
and be granted a licence to practice in your region. If you’re interested
in establishing a career in Sports-NLP performance psychology, then
consider the opportunity involvement with Sportsmind provides.

If this sounds like you, Sportsmind coaching training can equip you for
a career in performance coaching. Please consider the opportunities Sportsmind offers, and call for more details of our professional
development programs for coaches, teachers, personal trainers,
and management personnel.


To further the development of the Sportsmind Institute for Human Performance Research which will:

  • produce high quality Sports- NLP books and tapes;

  • promote Sportsmind training and Sports-NLP;

  • train and support Sports-NLP trainers;

  • research and disseminate new ideas and techniques;

  • maintain standards of a professional association.

Sportsmind products and training courses will be widely sought after, acclaimed internationally, and have a positive effect on the lives of those they touch for their highest good. The Sportsmind training courses will generate an empowering atmosphere of learning, challenge and
personal growth.

The trainers involved with Sportsmind will have the utmost integrity and professionalism in their facilitation, and will continuously improve their
own skills and knowledge through regular training, positive feedback
and inspiration.

Sportsmind will attract all the human and financial resources for manifesting the vision, and will be prosperous—providing financial and inspirational support for those involved, and for other healing projects
of worth in the wider community. Sportsmind will continue to evolve
and grow.

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Some Feedbacks

What Clients Like About Sportsmind & Jeffrey Hodges