Holly Ferling Australian Cricketer

“Jeffrey’s Sportsmind course has been absolutely wonderful and has turned my mindset around. I always felt like something was missing when it came to my performance, no matter how fit or strong I was. I’ve seen an immediate difference in my performance using the visualisation and reflection tools, and people around me have noticed a difference in my confidence. I cannot thank you enough Jeffrey!”

Holly Ferling, Australian Cricketer

Tahnee Norris

“This book is an adventure. I felt as helpless as a piece of paper in the whirlwind of the author’s enthusiasm but, when I eventually came to earth, some important perceptions had changed.” Thank you for all your help! “

Tahnee Norris, High Performance Manager, Aust Indoor Cricket Federation.

” I thought you’d like to know about my latest successes – the umpires’ award for Best on Court in State League B, and an invitation to join the Victorian Women’s Cricket training squad. I’d like to thank you for your assistance in helping me achieve – or rather exceed – my goals set at the first seminar I attended last year. Without the seminars I wouldn’t have been as focused on achieving my goals, or have believed them achievable. “

Kim Holmes, Netball and Cricket, Victoria.

“The High Achievement weekend was brilliant! It taught me heaps and helped me get motivated towards my main goal. Jeff, your workshops are great and I have learned so much in one week of Mental Mastery! They are so inspiring! Best of luck in the years to come.”

Mitch Hayes, Cricket, Qld.

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What Clients Like About Sportsmind & Jeffrey Hodges

Some Feedbacks

What Clients Like About Sportsmind & Jeffrey Hodges