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Passionate about YOUR performance!

Sportsmind Gold Coast is passionate about equipping you with the skills to master your mind and emotions, so you can deliver a personal best performance – in your sporting or professional life.

Helen Cole at Sportsmind Gold Coast Is an Elite Performance Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and NLP Practitioner. And as a mother to girls who previously competed in sport at a national level, Helen understands the difficulties faced by parents trying to navigate the often ‘emotional’ minefield of sport, and as a result, provides supplementary coaching for parents and guardians. Helen is passionate about helping others transform their own lives and achieve their dreams.

At Sportsmind Gold Coast learn to release limiting beliefs, negative self-talk and self-doubt -which ultimately kills more dreams than ‘failure’ ever will. Sportsmind Gold Coast coaching will give you a competitive advantage as you develop champion characteristics such as a positive mental attitude and motivation; anxiety management and emotional control; concentration and focus skills; a positive self-concept; and visualisation and mental rehearsal skills.

Over the years Sportsmind Gold Coast has worked with aspiring actors, models, emerging and elite athletes, world champions… even students who wanted to feel supremely confident when delivering an award-winning speech. Put simply, adopting champion thoughts and feelings will benefit anyone who has goals to achieve!

Your Sporting Life

Personal best sporting performances require both physical and mental skills. Through Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) we understand your thoughts and feelings influence your physiology or sporting performance.

All things considered equal, the key to being a champion is not training harder or longer than your competitors, but rather, gain a competitive edge through mental and emotional training. If you want to be a champion, you firstly need to train yourself to think and feel like a champion. Your thoughts affect your feelings and these feelings can positively or negatively impact your performance.

For any athlete to perform at their best, they must master their emotions, train & compete ‘in the zone’, overcome limiting beliefs, and not be distracted in their quest to achieve their desired outcomes.

However, if you are suffering from:

• overcoming setbacks or challenges

• pre-game anxiety;

• feeling under pressure to perform;

• a lack of motivation or confidence;

• fear;

• frustration;

• a poor self-concept;

• pessimism;

• a lack of concentration or focus;

• self-doubt about your sporting ability or comparing yourself to others;

• recalling past poor performances over and over again in your mind…..


Then any of these mental programs will prevent you from reaching your sporting potential.

Sportsmind training can help you to feel empowered and in control of your emotions, so you can make progress towards and not away from your goals.

Services Provided

Sportsmind Gold Coast offers the following coaching to help you reach your sporting goals:

• Sports Hypnosis 

• Neuro-Linguistic Programming

• Visualisation and Mental Rehearsal 

• Relaxation methods

• Motivation strategies

• Goal Setting & Achievement models

• Individual training

• Group workshops

Contact Us

Helen Cole Sportsmind Gold Coast

Contact Us

All coaching is strictly by appointment only, subject to availability. Some Saturday bookings are available.
For further information or to schedule an appointment contact:

Helen Cole
Surfers Waters
138/40 Cotlew St East
0408 770 936

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Unlike a stage hypnotist whose motive is to ‘entertain’ by having someone run around on stage acting like a chicken, Sports Hypnosis can be used to help athletes change unwanted behaviours, release limiting beliefs, control pain or assist injuries to heal more rapidly, increase confidence, and ultimately improve sporting performances.

As a clinical hypnotherapist, I will guide you through an induction process to allow you to access the resources and abilities of your unconscious mind. This natural, trance-like state is simply an altered state of perception, similar to when you are day-dreaming or meditating. You are already ‘hypnotising’ yourself through self-limiting mantras, such as “I’ve got a weak backhand” or “I’m a slow learner”, however Sports Hypnosis can help you replace these limiting beliefs with more empowering ones.

No one can hypnotise you or control your mind – only you can choose to hypnotise yourself. If during the session you consciously try to maintain control rather than cooperate with your unconscious intelligence, then you will not achieve the desired results.

In essence, NLP is the way we use our minds and senses to think (neuro); how we use language and non- verbal communication (linguistic); and the ability to organise our communication and thinking patterns to achieve specific desired goals and results (programming). A premise of NLP is that we can improve our own performance by modelling the behaviour of those who are displaying excellence. Sportsmind will help you to address any mental processes and emotions that are limiting you from performing at your very best, and instead adopt champion thoughts and feelings.
What preparation is required for my first session?
No preparation is required. Typically, the first session is an opportunity to discuss your personal objectives, address any concerns, and of course dispel any myths associated with sports hypnosis and NLP. During this initial meeting I will coach you to clearly identify your sporting goals and develop strategies for achieving them, using our SUCCESS model. Not having clearly defined, compelling goals (and visualising them correctly and regularly) is one reason why many athletes don’t reach their full potential.

No preparation is required. Typically, the first session is an opportunity to discuss your personal objectives, address any concerns, and of course dispel any myths associated with sports hypnosis. During this initial meeting I will coach you to clearly identify your sporting goals and develop strategies for achieving them, using our SUCCESS model. Not having clearly defined, compelling goals (and visualising them correctly and regularly) is one reason why many athletes don’t reach their full potential.

No. We are not psychologists or ‘therapists’. If you have been diagnosed with any mental illness, depression, or a personality disorder, we recommend you see your GP or mental health specialist first. Sportsmind provides coaching in mental skills for improved sports performances, using motivational techniques and high achievement processes in conjunction with Neuro Linguistic Programming and Sports Hypnosis.

Albert Einstein reportedly once said “your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions”. What we visualise or imagine on a consistent basis, tends to dictate what happens in our life, as we move towards what we focus on.

So as an athlete, you need to make sure your thoughts are positive, and that you are thinking about what you WANT, not what you don’t want! In fact, neurologically, your body can’t tell the difference between a ‘real’ experience, and a vividly imagined one. It has been proven that visualisation has a measurable, physiological effect on our body, so when you visualise doing a movement, play, stroke, shot, or performance, there is a measurable response by the specific muscles used in that activity in response to your imagined movements.

Sportsmind uses their unique Elite Athlete Six Step Visualisation program to help you to correctly and effectively visualise your desired outcome. This might be an improvement in a particular skill, seeing yourself being more confident taking penalty shots, overcoming anxiety associated with an impending performance, or even achieving a cherished goal.

In my experience, Sportsmind training isn’t recommended for athletes under 14 years of age, because until then their sporting ‘goals’ are often dictated by well-meaning parents or coaches. After 15 or 16 years of age, athletes tend to be participating in sport because they want to, not because they have to or should do. As a result, they are more driven to reach specific desired outcomes, and therefore willing to do the homework required in mental and emotional coaching. However, there is no upper age limit, and elderly clients often find the training reinvigorates their passion for being active and provides a sense of purpose.

All! The principles used in Sportsmind coaching can be applied to any sport. The techniques are useful for any performance. Clients have included models, actors, public speakers, sales executives, athletes. Sports have included snow-boarding, tennis, football, rowing, surfing, swimming, equestrian, windsurfing, boxing, mixed martial arts, cycling, lawn bowls, golf, polocrosse, and long-distance running.

Each session typically last approximately one hour, however, the initial session may last longer.

You wouldn’t go to the gym and expect to be physically fit in just one session, likewise it is unrealistic to expect to be mentally fit overnight. It is recommended clients book a minimum of 5-6 Sportsmind sessions, and then schedule adhoc ‘top up’ sessions as required. Discounts apply for 5 or more sessions. After 6 sessions you can expect a myriad of benefits. These vary for each client, but typical benefits would include being able to overcoming anxiety prior to a game; improvement in focus, confidence, and self-belief; establishing ‘triggers’ to use at a later stage to access a positive emotion, and ultimately, achieving your clearly defined, compelling goals. Packages are available for 6, 12, and 24 sessions, and include access to resources such as booking and recordings.

Many factors are important in determining your results, including the requirement that you actively engage in the session and follow through with any additional recommendations outside the session. Therefore, there is no guarantee you will achieve the same success as other athletes.

Yes. Sportsmind is available to conduct group presentations or workshops.
At this stage Sportsmind is in the process of registering for health fund rebates, so that your hypnotherapy sessions can be claimed, should this service be covered by your private fund. Stay tuned.