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Have you ever had …….

  • lapses in concentration?
  • loss of motivation?
  • low confidence?
  • not enough time?
  • negative mental attitude?
  • lack of direction?
  • pre-performance anxiety, or ‘choking’ under pressure?
  • poor organisational skills?
  • breakdown in communication / teamwork?

Sportsmind can help.


Now with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold and Sunshine Coasts to assist athletes all over Australia, and internationally on-line and by phone.

Sportsmind One-on-One Champion Performance Coaching for individual athletes provides practical techniques and strategies for the mental and emotional challenges that are encountered at elite level performance.

Talent and physical ability can get only you so far – then it comes down to attitude and training. Everyone can get better ……. with the right training; with the right coach.

Personal success coaching will get you further and keep you at the top longer.

Private and confidential coaching sessions cover all the essential mental and emotional skills needed to unlock a player’s physical and technical abilities, and include practical skills such as Personal Organisation & Time Management; Communication & Media skills; Leadership; Confidence and Self Belief; Concentration; Positive Self Image; Goal Achievement & Planning; Self Motivation; Emotional Control; and Positive Mental Attitude.

Sportsmind provides the essential skills required for elite sports performance.

Skills you didn’t learn at school – skills of champions.

Skills that can take you to the top – and keep you there.


Sportsmind is not like seeing a sport psychologist. Sportsmind is not psychological counselling. We don’t treat ‘problems’, and we don’t offer counselling.

Using models of excellence we teach people success skills and strategies, building resources and capabilities that foster self reliance and high achievement.

A typical coaching session goes for an hour, during which we identify a specific performance outcome – what do you want to improve? Then we assist you to move in that direction using NLP modelling and high achievement techniques.

For example, a typical session might cover simple ways to maintain your concentration and focus through the use of sensory ‘triggers’; or techniques for mastering negative emotions; or changing perceptions of a past negative event; or strategies for developing a more positive mental attitude and personal resilience. Or we might work on building a strong sense of self confidence and a more positive self image; or design a range of viable action plans, and program these into your future using timelines; or help you overcome a negative limiting belief. Or maybe help you with your motivation; or encourage you to extend your personal performance ‘comfort zone’ to reach a higher level of play.

It’s up to you.

Performance coaching is most effective when conducted as a structured program of training over 3, 6 or 12 months and supported by written and audio tape material for use by the athlete.  Just attending a few sessions with a ‘sports psychologist’ is like expecting to get physically fit by going to the gym just half a dozen times!

Everyone knows that the best results come from consistent, sustained effort and training ….. and this is what Sportsmind provides.

Consequently the minimum Sportsmind training program is 3 months – and we don’t see clients for just a few sessions.  Sportsmind is committed to excellence and we expect the same from our clients.

Specific sessions are designed to suit your individual requirements and sport specificity after the first coaching session, and we use a combination of in-person and/or phone coaching.

Note :  Acceptance into a Sportsmind coaching program is by application since there are limited coaching places available.

Consulting Fees

Performance coaching fees are available on application.

Small group / team sessions are also catered for.

Please telephone Sportsmind or your local coach for more details. 

Welcome to Sportsmind

Hello, and welcome to Sportsmind!

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What Clients Like About Sportsmind & Jeffrey Hodges

Some Feedbacks

What Clients Like About Sportsmind & Jeffrey Hodges