Achieving your dream- tips by sportsmind institute

Mind Matters for Sport Educators

There is a difference between a truly positive attitude and just saying positive affirmations. This difference is having an understanding of the building blocks of

positive sportsmanship

Positive Sportsmanship

1. CHAMPIONS IN YOUR LIFEIdentify someone who was / is a good sportsperson and who you respect. It may be a team mate, a coach,

Uke as a Metaphor for Success Life Skills

IntroductionOne of the primary distinguishing features of Aikido as contrasted to other martial arts, and to other sports activities in general, is the concept and

mental fitness

UNDER FIRE!: Maintain Your Focus Under Pressure

Positive emotional states – such as one-pointed concentration, enthusiasm, tenacity, motivation, and even happiness – are influenced by three important factors: your physiology, your ideology,