Mental Mastery

Sportsmind Mental Mastery workshops have been developed to provide athletes and coaches with an intensive, accelerated mental toughness training.

They provide an essential mental and emotional skill building program for those aspiring to high achievement and peak personal performance, and are based on cutting edge research in sport psychology and peak performance coaching.

The Sportsmind Mental Mastery program comprises five, one-day workshops in which athletes learn practical techniques to improve the seven key areas of mental training for optimum performance :

* Positive Self Motivation

* Powerful Goal Achievement Strategies

* Concentration & Focusing Techniques

* Emotional State Mastery

* Confidence & Positive Self Belief

* Positive Mental Attitude and

* Precision Visualisation Techniques

Mental Mastery is the result of five years of research conducted in conjunction with the University of Western Sydney, involving 1,158 sportspeople from over thirty different sports, which demonstrated the effectiveness of the Sportsmind approach : 95% of those involved improved their performances by an average of 35% after attendance.

“In five days I’ve learned so much! I am walking from the course and into my future as a more confident, focused, relaxed and happy individual, not only in my sport, but in my life away from sport. The tools and resources I have gathered are invaluable – I’m extremely confident, 10 foot tall, and bullet-proof! Jeff you’re a legend and Mental Mastery rocks!”
Katie Knight, cyclist, Vic.

“Mental Mastery is about outfitting yourself with the skills to make your life the best experience possible. This course will ensure you can face the challenges, address them positively, enjoy the experience and master the situations you dream to conquer.”
Michelle White, Netball Coach, NSW.

“Your Sportsmind techniques from Mental Mastery helped me win the 100m at the National Masters Athletics championships, and the 200m at the Victorian State Championships.”
Kathleen Cook, Sprinter, Vic.

“Visualisation, mental rehearsal and positive mental attitude ….. I took what I learned at the Sportsmind workshops and applied it through our recent Netball finals, and was awarded best on court! Thanks Jeff!”
Robyn Forte, Netball, Vic.

“I’ve driven a total of 930 kilometres over four days to be at these Sportsmind workshops, and it’s been worth every kilometre!”
Harold McNair, Soccer coach, Vic.

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What Clients Like About Sportsmind & Jeffrey Hodges

Some Feedbacks

What Clients Like About Sportsmind & Jeffrey Hodges