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Coaching Excellence workshops are results oriented. I teach practical skills and techniques to your personnel to enable them to significantly lift their individual and team performance. Workshops are personally tailored to meet your requirements – from a one-hour talk, to five days of intensive personal development, to on-going, one-on-one performance coaching for key staff. Choose from the following, or contact me to personally design a workshop to suit your unique needs…

Transformative Training to Coach the Coach

A superb workshop for group facilitators, workplace trainers, team leaders, teachers, coaches and people managers. From ‘transmission teaching’ and ‘content delivery’ to the facilitation of individual learning and personal development. From outcome driven to process oriented. Inspire and re-invigorate your T&D team with practical ideas drawn from today’s most innovative and effective personal development training and facilitation techniques – all presented in an experiential learning format.

Understanding & Using Your Feelings

Truly successful people depend not just on logical analyses or intellectual understandings – but have learned to appreciate, access and use a deeper level of emotional intelligence and inner wisdom. Many environmental and social problems in the world are a consequence of ignoring this ‘feeling’ aspect of human nature in favour of a narrow-minded, intellectual approach to life. This emotional intelligence is potential in everyone – but needs to be awakened and trained. This program offers an introduction to this important area of professional development for the 21st century.

Build a Positive Self Image & Strong Self Esteem

Successful people have an unshakeable confidence and self image that enables them to positively respond to the challenges of life: rejection, change and difficulty. High self esteem is a prerequisite for professional success and personal fulfilment. Enhance your self esteem and self image with this outstanding training.

Rapport & Non-Verbal Skills for Leaders

The secret to good leadership is the ability to build strong rapport, and engender the respect from others to positively influence and inspire them. Great leaders build rapport by recognising and responding not only to the verbal content, but also the non-verbal signals in communication. By recognising and pacing individual non-verbal behaviours, you will reach people more effectively, and enhance your persuasion skills and personal influence with others.

Understanding and Managing Your Time

Your understanding of time is vitally important in task achievement and performance, and many people underachieve simply because of a lack of an effective ‘time-sense’. Further, your personal ‘time line’ influences your perception of the past, present and future, and how you relate to the world. This affects your ability to plan and achieve long term goals, cope with present problems and difficulties, let go of negative or traumatic experiences from the past, and perform under pressure. In this workshop we explore the concept of ‘timing’ to help you to plan your future more effectively, let go of past painful experiences, and be more fully in the present when you need to be.

Seven Keys to Personal & Professional Success

High achieving individuals think and feel in specific ways that lead to success. Learn how to use the same strategies to achieve more in your career, study, business, and personal life. Don’t let yourself get bogged down by negativity or procrastination – wishing, hoping and dreaming is not enough! Build powerful, positive momentum in your life by implementing proven powerful self mastery techniques and strategies for personal and professional success. Learn coaching processes and strategies to encourage you to imagine the future you want, and find the resources within yourself to make it happen. Walk away feeling positive and empowered to make a difference in your life!

Relaxation, Visualisation & Meditation in the Workplace

Relax, unwind and learn several different approaches to dealing with the many forms of workplace stress. Using a simple six-step process, participants will learn several practical and effective relaxation techniques, and explore how imagination and visualisation can be used to release stress, and find a place of stillness and peace within.

Improve Your Sales Performance

An overview of the mental skills required for successful sales staff – understanding the that encourage peak performance. psychological skills Including:

  • Rapport & Communication Excellence
  • Positive Self Motivation
  • Powerful Goal Achievement Strategies
  • Positive Mental Attitude
  • Positive Self Image & Self Confidence

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What Clients Like About Sportsmind & Jeffrey Hodges

Some Feedbacks

What Clients Like About Sportsmind & Jeffrey Hodges