mental toughness results

Marking Your Answers

Evaluate your answers using the following system:

1. Start by looking at every odd numbered question, and mark an ‘A’ choice with 1 point and a ‘B’ choice with 0 points. (Eg, if in question 1 you chose response ‘A’, you would get 1 point for that question)

2. Now look at every even numbered question, and mark an ‘A’ choice with 0 points and a ‘B’ choice with 1 point. (Eg. if in question 2 you chose response ‘A’, you would get no points for that question)

3. Next, look at the subheadings : PmG, PmB, PvG and PvB, and add your individual question scores to get a total for each of these categories. There are five questions for each category.

4. Finally, add up your total ‘B’ and total ‘G’ scores.


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More Information…

Obviously the short test you just completed wants to be seen as just a very rough guide to your personal level of optimism – for a more detailed test and further information see the Sportsmind book, Chapter 5.

Also, recognise that optimism and a positive mental attitude is only one of the seven essential mental skills that all successful sportspeople have mastered.

To find out about the other six skills of the sports MIND, and how to develop them in yourself, click on the “About Sportsmind’ tab on the home page.

You might also like to refer to the Sportsmind Mental Training Manual, which has a six-week practical mental training program to develop all the seven skills of the sports MIND using some simple daily exercises.

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What Clients Like About Sportsmind & Jeffrey Hodges

Some Feedbacks

What Clients Like About Sportsmind & Jeffrey Hodges