Martial Arts

"Sportsmind Coaching Excellence is simply a MUST for every coach! If you want to understand how to mentally and emotionally prepare your athletes for elite performance, then do this course. It has combined the very best ideas from numerous reliable sources into a practical program of instruction that provides immediate, easy to use techniques and strategies for enhancing motivation, goal achievement, confidence building, visualisation, positive attitude, and most importantly emotion management. Thanks Jeffrey for a fantastic learning experience."

Graham Keleher, Director & Chief Instructor Australian Association of Martial Arts, 7th Dan Black Belt, Qld. Australian Team Coach International Karate-Do Shobukai, and former member Australian Karate Team.

"Sportsmind and Champion Thoughts, Champion Feelings are the most vital, necessary reading for any sportsperson regardless of level in competition. Informative, relevant, practical and cleverly expressed, Jeffrey Hodges' books offer everything to achieve success, providing a defined edge over the competition."

Michael Orec, ISKA Middleweight Kickboxing Champion & Middleweight Muay-Thai Champion, Qld.

"I've needed something like this for a while - just did not know how to go about it. I'm two days into the training program, and have noticed a change in my enthusiasm already!"

Sandra McCormick, Martial Arts Instructor, N.T.

"Great book! It has already helped me win two Australian titles! I now need to go further, and with your continued support I know this is possible"

Nadine Simpson, Tae-Kwon-Do, NSW. [Aust. middleweight champion]

" Excellent book! A must read for any serious athlete or coaching body. "

Dyson Martin, Ninjitsu, Qld.

"Congratulations on the most insightful book I've come across! I'm now practising many of the ideas and principles, and just the knowledge of how to go about changing my performance has had an instantly positive impact on my life!"

David Rubacek, Martial Arts, NSW.

"The Sportsmind Peak Performance weekend helped me realise that I am the only one that has been holding me back. I'm ready now to unleash the fury and start realising my potential."

Scott Robinson, Tae Kwon Do, NSW.

"Amazingly powerful weekend. It really helped me get rid of some negative emotions I had due to an injury. I left feeling really motivated and eager to get back to full training."

Michael Harb, Tae Kwon Do, NSW.

"Excellent book for working goals and dreams into plans and strategies. Great for creating a passionate vision which motivates you into action and achievement."

Malcolm Innes, Kickboxing, W.A.

"Sportsmind has given me the tools to achieve excellence in my sport. Training with Jeffrey Hodges is an exciting, motivating and thoroughly enjoyable experience - I recommend it totally!"

Dave Murtough, Karate, ACT.

"Thankyou for all your energy and inspiration throughout the workshop. Your ability to tap into human motivation and thinking is admirable. I am personally changed by what I have learned this weekend."

Catherine Schwef. Tae Kwon Do, Vic.  

"Sensational course! Smartest decision I've ever made. Don't think about it - just do it!"

Ricky Budgen, Australian Boxing Champion, Qld.

" Fantastic book! "

Steven Kleiden, Weight Lifting and Martial Arts, Qld.

" Excellent! "

John Boot, Judo, Qld.

"Enjoyable and exciting seminar enabling you to tap into a new area of training for the mind."

Terrance Rangi, Wing Chun Martial Arts, NSW.

"Sportsmind is an excellent book integrating everything needed to be successful"

David Murtough, Martial Arts, ACT.

"Thankyou for the enormous help your workshops proved to be."

Ben Carruthers, Fencing, Vic.

"Congratulations! This is one of the most coherent models I've read in applied performance enhancement."

Geoff Dugan, Surfing and Aikido, NSW.

"The SPORTSMIND correspondence course is even better than I expected. I sincerely recommend it to any athlete or sports coach."

Ricky Budgen, Boxing Coach, Qld.

"The exercises do work That's all I wanted. Thanks "

Sean Power, Karate, NSW.

"The book made a lot of sense in going about achieving the most from my sport."

Adam Taylor, boxer, Vic.

"Jeffery is a true master of hypnosis. Both his practice and teaching of hypnosis is world class and he effortlessly demonstrates the power of the unconscious mind for elite athletes. The course has the perfect balance of theory and hands on practice that leaves one with a great confidence to use hypnosis as a performance tool with clients"

Michele MacNaughton, ex Olympic Hockey Player and Performance Coach.


"I was fortunate enough to participate in the Sportsmind Sports Hypnosis course and found it enjoyable and knowledgeable. As an athlete, the techniques I have learned have helped me enormously and I am already seeing great results. It has changed the way I think and mentally train and prepare.” 
Darren Wagner, MMA competitor, Qld.
"The Sportsmind Sports Hypnosis course is an amazing learning experience - thanks to Jeffrey, I now have more tools and skills for myself and the athletes I train." 
Ricky Budgen, ex Australian Boxing Champion and martial artist, Qld.

What Clients Like About Sportsmind & Jeffrey Hodges

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