Football and Rugby

"Very informative, and a great toolbox of strategies for any coach to have, who is committed to improving performance of players."

Dave Alred, Specialist Kicking Coach, English Rugby Union, U.K.

"To discover Sportsmind has given me a new pathway in life. The techniques I have learned is this course will give me the edge in my coaching and getting the performances of my players to go up another level."

Peter Banfield, Asst Coach, Essendon AFL Club.

"I've learned to look at things, especially problems, in a sometimes different way, and seeing demonstrated for the first time the power of negative thoughts and influences."

Craig Bellamy, Head Coach, Melbourne Storm RLFC.

"Sportsmind is dedicated to helping coaches and athletes find that "competitive advantage". As a Manager of athletes and coaches, I am always looking for opportunities to expand the horizons of our people. Work-shops such as this one, with presenters forcing athletes to "think outside the square", are invaluable. We were able to ensure that each participant had a "take away" from each session, and they will be able to put those new learning points into action."

Lyndon Bray, High Performance Referee Manager NZ Rugby Union

"I have always been concerned about who coaches the coach, and helps keep him/her enthused. This conference was not only wonderfully informative, it was also a powerhouse of energy. The batteries are recharged!"

Don Parry, Rugby Coach, Qld.

"Jeffrey, thanks for the excellent experience that was Sportsmind Coaching Excellence. Having spent the past 18 months studying various courses, some, like yours, by correspondence, I have no qualms in saying that yours was not only by far the most challenging, but also the most enjoyable and rewarding. The superb range of skills, knowledge, and understanding that I have gained have given me real confidence. When I look back and see what I have learned it is amazing! The books and tapes provided are excellent resources, and your encouragement, and positive and insightful marking have made the whole experience very worthwhile. Thankyou for everything!"

Steve Ward, PE Teacher and Soccer Coach, UK.

"The Sportsmind coaching module provided me with powerful tools to effect behavioural change in my athletes. Very challenging and beneficial!"

Mick Keogh, National Referees Coach, Aust Rugby Union.

"There are not many people in my life that I have let have a profound effect on me. However you and the Mental Mastery course have had a huge impact. You've helped re-ignite my drive and enabled me to bring greater choice to who I am and how I want to operate. Thank you for empowering."

Miles Downie, Soccer, Vic.

"A truly inspiring book. My performance DID improve - more consistency."

Troy Lorimer, Soccer, Qld.

"I really enjoyed the High Achievement seminar - I learned a great deal and I'm much more confident."

Todd Boddington, Soccer, Qld.

"Sportsmind is very well thought out and excellently presented ..... I found so many of the things of a practical and helpful nature in the book. You really know your material and this is so evident in the writing of the book. A first class effort - well done!"

Nenad Vidovic, Touch Football and Soccer, ACT.

"Thankyou for theSportsmind sessions you put in with me - they were helpful and inspiring. I played my first game since returning from Qld. and played very well. We won 11 goals to 1, winning our league. I scored one, set up about four, and had a hand in most of the rest!"

Miles Downie, Soccer, Vic.

"There needs to be more books like this one - I can't put it down!"

James Ramsay, Soccer, Tas.

"Fantastic reading! I couldn't get enough of Sportsmind, and the same applies to Champion Thoughts, Champion Feelings. I just want to read more; learn more!"

Camilla Kriwuc, Football, Vic.

" Great read!"

Sam Nitschke, Football, Vic.

" I love the practical sessions on 'how to'. "

Neil Mackay, Australian Football Coach, Qld.

"I've driven a total of 930 kilometres over four days to be at these Sportsmind workshops, and it's been worth every kilometre!"

Harold McNair, Soccer coach, Vic.

"Sportsmind is a tremendous read. The information and techniques are easy to use and improve the performance of both athletes and sports trainers alike. It was timely and helped me enormously."

Colin Richardson, Gridiron Coach, NSW.

"Jeffrey Hodges presented a seminar to our top 35 players ... (it was) extremely positively received by the players. I have no hesitation in recommending him to any professional sporting organisation wishing to gain the competitive edge by tapping into the Sportsmind."

Bruce Hopkins, Training Director, Penrith Rugby League Football Club.

"The SPORTSMIND correspondence course is interesting and informative, and applicable to elite referees and coaches, and our grass root accreditation and development programs."

Russell Trotter, Referees Manager, Australian Rugby Union.

"This training is the BEST! Added to your physical training you could do anything."

Peter Buckworth, Rugby League, NSW.

" The book was a blow out! "

Gary Weston, Rugby League, NSW.

" I have played A grade rugby for five years and I feel that the mental aspect of my game can improve to take me to the next levels. Your book has particularly helped me to develop confidence in my play. "

Andrew Johnson, Rugby, Qld.

" I love the practical sessions on 'how to'. "

Neil Mackay, Australian Football Coach, Qld.

What Clients Like About Sportsmind & Jeffrey Hodges

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