Athletics and Cycling

"The secret of success is the mark of one who has cultivated their inner self. Jeffrey Hodges and Sportsmind helped me hone my inner skills."

Sara Carrigan, Olympic Gold Medalist Women's Road Cycling, Athens 2004.

"Your concentration and 'uptime' techniques helped me win the 100m at the National Masters Athletics championships and the 200m at the Victorian State Championships. I intend to use these and other Sportsmind techniques I learned at the Mental Mastery program to succeed again in the World Masters Games."

Kathleen Cook, sprinter, Vic.

"SPORTSMIND is the most amazing book I've ever read! Brilliant!"

Tony Kean, Triathlete, NSW.

'I went to Jeffrey during my off season to work through some anxiety and concentration issues I was having when I competed. After 3 months of speaking and meeting with him regularly, I feel I have matured so much as an athlete. I have so many tools I now know how to use on race day to get me in the perfect frame of mind. I cant wait until the season begins so I can begin using my bag of tricks and reach new heights I now believe I can reach.'

Anna Deery, 400m runner, Vic.

" The feedback I received from athletes and coaches was extremely positive. From my observation, I also have to say it was the best presentation in this area of any clinics or seminars I have organised. "

Tom Brandt, State Coaching Director, Qld. Athletics Association.

"What a superb book! As an athlete and coach I found it wonderfully motivating."

Belinda Scowcroft, Track and Field Coach, NSW.

"I had a very enjoyable weekend! I realise how much my current life is the product of my thoughts and attitudes. I will strive to create a positive and successful 'future self'."

Brian Schepisi, PT and Triathlon Coach, Vic.

"You always remember your favourite teacher, and see them as an inspiration. Jeffrey inspires you to a greater height and understanding."

Justin Hubbard, Sprinter, London U.K.

"In five days I have learned so much! I am walking from the course and into my future as a more confident, focused, relaxed and happy individual, not only in my sport, but in my life away from sport. The tools and resources I have gathered are invaluable - I'm extremely confident, 10 foot tall, and bullet-proof! Jeff you're a legend and Mental Mastery rocks!"

Katie Knight, cyclist, Vic.

"A the Sportsmind Coaching Excellence training I discovered a gold-mind(mine) of techniques and strategies for achieving performance excellence in the game of sports and life."

Dave Grace, Director, Olympia Sports Camps, Canada.

"I knew the Coaching Excellence course was going to change my life, but I didn't realise it was going to also have an immediate impact on my running and swimming! I am back into running training after 20 months of injury. Thankyou!"

Murray Beveridge, Personal Trainer and National 800m Runner, Vic.

"The High Achievement workshop was an extremely powerful weekend - just a taste really of what Sportsmind is all about and what I can achieve using some of the skills and behaviours Jeffrey teaches."

Juliet Annan, Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant, Vic.

"Fantastic, motivating, practical - fuel for my life force, all aspects of my existence for past present and future for reflection and success catered for. Real strategies for real life!"

Elaine Ford, Running, Swimming & Aerobics, Qld.

"Reading Sportsmind has really changed my outlook and has improved my running 100%. It helped me in my motivation and training for my first half-marathon last year. I'm now reading Champion Thoughts, Champion Feelings in preparation for my first full marathon. Thankyou!"

Karen Wiersma, Long Distance Running, Qld.

"Thankyou Jeffrey for writing such a useful and fantastic book!"

Greg Campbell, Cycling, Qld.

"I'm really enjoying the Mental Training program."

Daniel Peters, Triathlon, SA.

"The power of the mind is unlimited. I just wish I was more aware of its potential when I was competing seriously."

John Bermingham, Athletics coach, Tas.


Marina Patan, Triathlete, NSW.

"A very educational book - even for a level 2 nationally accredited coach!"

Phillip Newton, Track and Field Coach, NSW.

"Just what I needed "

Cathy Wiegold, Long Distance Running, NSW.

"This is the most practical and well explained 'package' I have ever found."

Simon Bolte, Triathlete, NSW.

"A sensational read! Excellent exercises! The most beneficial book I have read for my sport, either physiological or psychological."

David Williams, Triathlete, Qld.

"Very well presented and informative. Related well to sports specific and sports general pre-competition, competition, and post-competition preparation. Very useful."

Mark Waugh, P.E. Teacher, Qld.

What Clients Like About Sportsmind & Jeffrey Hodges

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