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Conquering Cancer – Develop the WILL to LIVE :  A Six-Week Positive Mental Training Program for SURVIVAL

Coaching for Cancer Survival is not about ‘mind power’ somehow magically ‘curing’ cancer, or offering an alternative to existing medical practices  – rather, it’s a mental training manual to awaken and develop your will to live by building the belief in you that YOU CAN LIVE! 

Over forty-two days, I will train you in how to stay positive, resourceful and motivated with whatever treatment you are undertaking for your cancer, and show you how to use your mind to enhance the effectiveness of that treatment, and develop the mental and emotional strength you will need to survive. 

The mental and emotional strength of an elite athlete.

Important Note :  The ideas in this training manual are not meant to be medical treatments, nor are they in any way suggesting any particular medical treatment, nor criticising any form of medical treatment that you may decide upon.  Your choice of medical treatment is between you and your doctor, and this training program is in no way offering any kind of medical advice.  The purpose of the program is to be a support for you to develop the positive mental attitude and belief in your capacity to get better, using whatever treatment you and your medical professionals have chosen to employ.

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