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  • Sportsmind Mental Mastery
    Sportsmind Mental Mastery

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  • Sports Hypnosis Workshop
    Sports Hypnosis Workshop

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Sportsmind Links

The following people and organizations I know personally, and I can vouch for their credibility, expertise and professionalism.  Most of them are personal friends and colleagues with whom I have learned, taught or worked with for many years so you can trust them. 

I don't put up links to individuals or organizations who I do not know personally and can vouch for – so please don’t ask for an exchange of links if I don't know you!

NLP Training / Coaching
These are the ONLY NLP trainers in Australia who I recommend. Most of the rest are shonky, fly-by-night operators out for a quick buck, and have little credibility or professionalism – and nowhere near the experience of these trainers. Please consider what you might miss out on in your basic NLP training BEFORE you sign up to some junk 7 or 14 day so-called 'Accelerated' NLP Practitioner program! The MINIMUM standard required for practitioner level training when I did my training was 21 days – anything less and you’re not trained properly. – nlp training & coaching – nlp training & coaching

Sportsmind & Life Coaching
The following are graduate students of mine who have gone on to further develop their skills and competencies. Full details of all Sportsmind coaches are listed elsewhere on the website. – sportsmind and life coaching. Purchase Sportsmind products online – specialist sportsmind golf training with a Sportsmind trained golf professional.

Other Sports Related Sites/People of Outstanding Quality – brilliant aikido and kenjutsu training – superb yoga classes & workshops. Best in Australia! – fantastic and affordable personal development talks & workshops venue; books & CD sales – the best physical strength/postural trainer, coach and lecturer around! Essential site for athletes. – great sports training facility & accommodation on the Gold Coast

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What Clients Like About Sportsmind & Jeffrey Hodges

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