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  • Sportsmind Mental Mastery
    Sportsmind Mental Mastery

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  • Sports Hypnosis Workshop
    Sports Hypnosis Workshop

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Visualisation For Self Healing

Sportsmind Coaching Excellence
Correspondence Course

A ten module course incorporating the Sportsmind Mental Mastery program and an introduction to Sports-NLP coaching techniques, into a home study format. The course involves a time commitment of 12 - 18 months; each module requiring 30 to 35 hours of reading and practical assignment activities.

There is no pre-requisite for enrolment, though obviously an interest in sport and a desire to pursue a professional career in sport coaching or athlete management is an advantage.

Each module covers an aspect of mental training for sport, and emphasises practical techniques rather than theory - allowing students to apply the knowledge to their own sports situations. All study materials are included : a comprehensive Sportsmind Coaching Excellence training manual, textbooks and readings, CDs, and exercise and assignment worksheets.

Assessment is by short exercises and assignments in which students demonstrate competency before progressing to the next module Students are graded as competent (C), or not yet competent (N), on each module with a ‘no failure’ policy – students simply continue working at a specific module until the required standard is attained.

Regular contact with the teacher is encouraged and access for questions or feedback is provided by telephone, email and/or in written form.

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to NLP : Rapport & Communication Excellence

Module 2: Sports NLP : Perceptual & Anchoring Techniques

Module 3: Sports NLP : Meta Model & SUCCESS Process

Module 4: Positive Motivation

Module 5: Compelling Sports Goals

Module 6: Concentration and State Management

Module 7: Relaxation, Anxiety Management Mental Rehearsal & Advanced Visualisation Techniques

Module 8: Positive Mental Attitude & Positive Self Image

Module 9: Confidence & Self Esteem for Athletes

Module 10: Beliefs & Sports Performance

General Outcomes

The Sportsmind Coaching Excellence program is outcome oriented to provide a broad range of practical skills and techniques for dealing with the common mental and emotional obstacles to higher sports performance.

The ideas taught are simple and easy to apply in both practice and competition situations, and are suitable for all sports and levels of ability.

Jeffrey’s NEW book …..


Conquering Cancer – Develop the WILL to LIVE :  A Six-Week Positive Mental Training Program for SURVIVAL

Coaching for Cancer Survival is not about ‘mind power’ somehow magically ‘curing’ cancer, or offering an alternative to existing medical practices  – rather, it’s a mental training manual to awaken and develop your will to live by building the belief in you that YOU CAN LIVE! 

Over forty-two days, I will train you in how to stay positive, resourceful and motivated with whatever treatment you are undertaking for your cancer, and show you how to use your mind to enhance the effectiveness of that treatment, and develop the mental and emotional strength you will need to survive. 

The mental and emotional strength of an elite athlete.

Important Note :  The ideas in this training manual are not meant to be medical treatments, nor are they in any way suggesting any particular medical treatment, nor criticising any form of medical treatment that you may decide upon.  Your choice of medical treatment is between you and your doctor, and this training program is in no way offering any kind of medical advice.  The purpose of the program is to be a support for you to develop the positive mental attitude and belief in your capacity to get better, using whatever treatment you and your medical professionals have chosen to employ.

Available NOW! ... Order your copy here :   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

RRP $ 25.00




Coaching Excellence 1 : Sports NLP Rapport, Sensory Acuity & Communication Excellence Techniques
Coaching Excellence 2 : Sports NLP Perceptual & Anchoring Techniques

A personal and professional development program for learning how to get the best out of others - individually, or as a team. It includes a specific skills building program designed to expand your range of communication and leadership abilities; learn to recognise and respond appropriately to both verbal and non-verbal communication, and initiate and manage positive behavioural change toward specific goals and targets. The program comprises two days of advanced sensory acuity, communication and leadership skill development, and is specifically targeted for those who want to be more effective in coaching others to achieve success - professional coaches, teachers, sales managers, personal trainers, referees, and community leaders.

What you will learn:

  • Greater sensitivity to language and non-verbal behaviour, including how to identify the specific limitations in an individual's language;
  • Precision questioning skills;
  • How to build rapport in both formal coaching and informal social situations and establish and maintain healthy relationships with others.
  • To recognise visual, auditory and kinaesthetic thinking styles in others and be able to match their communication to suit an individual's thinking style.
  • How to overcome objections with integrity and put your case favourably;
  • To recognise and respond to eye movement cues, breathing, posture, language patterns, gestures and other non-verbal communications;
  • Develop the flexibility to take multiple viewpoints on situations, and be able to train others to also do so;
  • Learn how to establish anchors in self and others in all sensory systems;

Sports NLP Symposium

A 3-day symposium of the latest techniques and ideas showcasing applications of NLP (Neuro_linguisitc Programming) to sports performance. Presenters include some of the leading NLP trainers in Australia and worldwide and will be of interest not only to NLP practitioners, sports coaches and athletes, but also anyone interested in exploring the boundaries of human potential.

Sports Hypnosis Training

A superb training, combining Ericksonian Hypnosis with sports hypnosis techniques. Learn how to use the resources of the unconscious mind to enhance performance:

  • Control pain and fatigue;
  • Increase sensory perception;
  • Overcome problems;
  • Build confidence;
  • Get into the 'zone';
  • Distort time;
  • Change negative habits.

Enrolment Terms & Conditions

To book your place, complete the enrolment form, and forward with your cheque / money order for the tuition fee. Workshops fees are fully refundable should a workshop be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, and the Sportsmind Institute is not liable for any other expenses that may have been incurred (travel, accommodation, etc). If you withdraw from a workshop, your payment may be transferred to another program without penalty. Refunds will only be made if notified up to 14 days prior to commencement, after which payment is forfeited unless rebooked to another workshop.


Sportsmind Mental Mastery Training Programs
for Athletes & Coaches

Sportsmind Mental Mastery has been developed to provide athletes and coaches with an intensive, accelerated mental toughness training. Mental Mastery comprises a series of workshops in which athletes learn practical techniques to improve the seven key areas of mental training for peak performance : Positive Self Motivation; Powerful Goal Achievement Strategies; Concentration & Focusing Techniques; Emotional State Mastery; Confidence & Positive Self Concept; Positive Mental Attitude; and Precision Visualisation Techniques. Mental Mastery is the result of five years of research conducted in conjunction with the University of Western Sydney, involving 893 sportspeople from over thirty different sports, which demonstrated the effectiveness of the Sportsmind approach : 95% of those involved improved their performances by an average of 35% after attendance.

Positive Motivation & Outstanding Goal Achievement 1 & 2

Achieving outstanding goals is a process which involves deciding what you want, establishing a viable action plan, and taking consistent action. Give yourself the best chance to succeed using the S.M.A.R.T.E.R. and S.U.C.C.E.S.S. models, and proven, power motivation techniques for enhancing your own self-motivation, and important motivation principles for teachers, coaches and team leaders for successfully motivating others in a positive, empowering way. A powerful workshop for athletes and coaches providing practical techniques for those aspiring to high achievement.

What you will learn:

  • Recognise and be able to implement a variety of motivational styles in coaching
    others to success.
  • Learn the four most common 'poor self-motivation strategies', and be able to positively influence others to change to more effective methods of self-motivation.
  • Enhance personal self motivation by establishing a clear life mission statement.
  • Identify and write down specific specific and achievable short, medium and long term sports and personal goals - and understand how to guide others through this process;
  • Establish practical action plans and routines to achieve desired goals.
  • Identify their own and others' time lines and make use of 'positive compulsions' to assist in achieving personal and professional goals;
  • Be more flexible in their management of personal time.

Relaxation, Concentration, Mental Rehearsal & Advanced Visualisation Techniques

Relaxation, concentration, visualisation and mental rehearsal are all essential tools for every sportspeople - learn how to utilise and implement basic and advanced visualisation techniques to enhance many aspects of your performance - including specific exercises to improve sports skill levels and competition performances.

What you will learn:

  • A variety of simple techniques to enhance concentration and focus under pressure, including a practical, 30 second technique for staying 'in the present'.
  • Four different relaxation / visualisation processes using a well established six step format.
  • Understand how and why visualisation works to improve athletic performances.
  • Ten practical sports uses for visualisation and mental rehearsal exercises.
  • To access the present more fully, and build personal triggers for getting into the 'zone'.
  • Basic and advanced visualisation techniques to assist athletes sports performances - including exercises to improve specific sports skills and competition performances.

Emotional Intelligence and Emotion Management

Truly successful sportspeople have learned to depend not just on logical analyses or intellectual understandings - but have learned to access and use a deeper level of emotional intelligence and innate body wisdom. This emotional intelligence, like mental intelligence, is potential in everyone - but does need to be awakened and trained. This workshop will teach you some simple strategies and techniques for mastering your emotions - including coping with fear and pre-performance anxiety - and how to help others do likewise.

What you will learn:

  • Learn the building blocks of all emotions and how to trigger and amplify positive emotions and feelings.
  • Change negative, non-constructive feelings, automatic un-productive emotional reactions, and limiting behaviours to more empowering ones.
  • Know how to use a range of cognitive and behavioural tools for dealing with fear and anxiety, and develop automatic, resourceful responses to previously fear/anxiety generating contexts.
  • Develop a repertoire of positive, empowering feeling states.
  • Build 'circuit breakers' for dis-empowering emotional states.
  • Learn an emotional vocabulary and develop an effective sensitivity to their feelings.

Positive Mental Attitude & Positive Self Image

Negative thinking is detrimental to individual and team performances - yet even elite level players can suffer from lapses into negativity and pessimism. Learn how to stay focused on the positive, build a powerful self image, and develop the mental toughness and optimistic outlook of a consistent champion.

What you will learn:

  • How to master thoughts and perceptions to emphasise the positive and downplay the negative, and develop a powerful, positive mental attitude.
  • Understand the structure of a positive mental attitude, and be able to identify and teach the six components of a positive attitude.
  • Improve decision-making capabilities and skills.
  • Recognise the 'explanatory style' differences between optimism and pessimism and their effects on sports performances, and use this knowledge to encourage more optimistic attitudes in athletes.
  • Develop a stronger, positive self image in themselves and others through the use of 'monitoring' and 'filtering' techniques.
  • Learn and be able to use affirmation imprinting techniques to initiate positive improvement in athletes' self image and performances.

Building Confidence & Self Esteem in Athletes

The best athletes have an unshakeable confidence and a high self esteem that enables them to respond positively to the challenges of top level sport, excel under pressure and achieve outstanding performances. High self esteem is a prerequisite for professional success and personal fulfilment - however, like other attributes, confidence and self esteem are learned behaviours and can be improved with the right training. Learn how to develop your self esteem and be more confident.

What you will learn:

  • Understand the two elements of self esteem and their link to sporting success.
  • Enhance their personal confidence and self esteem.
  • Understand the factors that affect self esteem in others, and how to positively influence them.
  • Release and reprogram negative behaviours, habits and emotions.
  • Respond resourcefully to criticism and be able to teach this skill to others.

Unshakable Self Belief

Beliefs are powerful determinants of sports performance: the body cannot do what the mind won't believe - yet many beliefs are socially accepted 'realities' rather than truth. Learn how beliefs work in our lives; how to release limiting beliefs; and how to encourage more positive and empowering beliefs in your life, and enhance your sports performances.

What you will learn:

  • Learn and be able to apply the four keys of mental mastery : awareness, focus, meaning, and timing.
  • Understand the structure of beliefs and how they work.
  • Learn practical techniques for changing limiting habits and behaviours in self and others.

Note: Pre-requisite for attendance
Coaching Excellence 1 : Sports NLP Rapport, Sensory Acuity & Communication Excellence Techniques
Coaching Excellence 2 : Sports NLP Perceptual & Anchoring Techniques

Behavioural Change & Sports Performance

Behaviour is linked to sports perfromance - to achieve improvements in your performances you must change your regular and consistent behaviours! However, no one likes change, and habitual behaviours are often 'hard-wired' into our neurology. Consequently successful and sustained behavioural changes can only be achieved by techniques which change at this deeper level. These techniques are only available from Sports NLP processes.

What you will learn :

  • Dilt's model of human behaviour (Identity, Beliefs, Values, Strategies, Capabilities, Behaviours) and the NLP model of behavioural change
  • Four step process for changing behaviours.
  • How to positively change responses to negative past experiences, and be able to teach this process to athletes to enable them to 'let go' of past poor performances.
  • Identify the precise mental structure of an individual's 'talent', and be able to use this information to install the same strategy in others.

Note: Pre-requisite for attendance
Coaching Excellence 1 : Sports NLP Rapport, Sensory Acuity & Communication Excellence Techniques
Coaching Excellence 2 : Sports NLP Perceptual & Anchoring Techniques

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Mental Mastery Workshops
Workshop Outlines

Sportsmind Mental Mastery comprises the six workshops as follows :

Athletes can attend the full program or individual days, and workshops are held regularly throughout Australia and internationally.

** For tuition fees and course dates refer to workshop diary **

Visual Power! Dream It Into Being

Visualisation and mental rehearsal are essential tools for all sportspeople - learn how to utilise and implement basic and advanced visualisation techniques to enhance many aspects of your performance - including specific exercises to improve sports skill levels and competition performances.

Do it! Power Motivation & Achievement Techniques

Achieving big goals is a process which involves deciding what you want, establishing a viable action plan, and taking consistent action. Take the time today to establish your direction for the future and give yourself the best chance to succeed using the Sportsmind approach. Learn proven, power motivation techniques for enhancing your own self-motivation, and important motivation principles for teachers, coaches and team leaders for successfully motivating others in a positive, empowering way.

Core of Confidence! Master Your Emotions

The best athletes have an unshakeable confidence and a positive emotional control that enables them to excel under pressure. However, like other attributes, confidence and positive emotional control are learned behaviours and can be improved with the right training. Learn how to develop your confidence and master negative emotions to get into the peak performance 'zone' using simple, practical techniques suitable for both training and competition.

Irresistible Momentum! Develop Performance Consistency

Consistent success is a result of building and maintaining personal momentum by holding a compelling positive vision of your success. Learn how to build and access 'positive compulsions' and use your personal 'timeline' to be more successful.

Iron Mind! Build a Positive Mental Attitude and Powerful Self Image

Negative thinking is detrimental to individual and team performances - yet even elite level players can suffer from lapses into negativity and pessimism. Learn how to stay focused on the positive, build a powerful self image, and develop the mental toughness and optimistic outlook of a consistent champion.

No Limits! Smashing the Belief Barriers

Beliefs are powerful determinants of sports performance: the body cannot do what the mind won't believe - yet many beliefs are socially accepted 'realities' rather than truth. Learn how beliefs work in our lives; how to release limiting beliefs; and how to encourage more positive and empowering beliefs in your life, and enhance your sports self esteem.

"Jeff has created a powerful blend of sport psychology, NLP and hypnosis that delights and entertains. It takes the 'thinking' out of positive thinking making it easy and effortless and provides the tools to make unconscious mastery a reality.

Fluently presented, Jeff's a great facilitator.

If you have a chance to go to Sportsmind Mental Mastery - take it!"

David Smith, Sport Psychologist, London, U.K.

"Jeffrey, thanks for such a wonderful, enthusiastic and inspiring course. I applied the information personally and professionally straight away and could see and feel the benefits immediately. What a great role model you are!"

Lizzie Watson, Personal Trainer, NSW.

"The workshops were most successful with member feedback indicating that Jeffrey was well able to adapt theoretical principles into highly practical and user friendly concepts. Attendees walked away with a range of practical tools which they could utilise immediately for their teaching and their own tournament play."

Phil Ayres, National Education Manager, Australian PGA


The Sportsmind APP

Download the Sportsmind App on the App Store.

The Sportsmind app includes 5 free relaxation and visualisation sessions and a preview of the 60 day Mental Training Program. The audio sessions have been used by thousands of athletes world wide for over twenty years.  Each session lasts approximately 20 minutes and uses a different relaxation technique to achieve a specific outcome:

  1. Mental Practice for YOUR Sport
  2. Building Powerful Motivation
  3. Intending Compelling Goals
  4. Developing a Positive Mental Attitude
  5. Harnessing Your Visual Power for Recovery & Healing

The audio sessions contained in this app utilise deep relaxation and visualisation 

techniques designed to help you improve your sports performance and general well-being, 

and require you to fully concentrate mentally, with your eyes closed.   Do not use the sessions when driving a vehicle or doing anything which requires your attention or for you to be fully aware, alert and in control of what you are doing.

An in app purchase provides access to the 60 day Mental Training Program. This training program is unique in its practical ability to help you develop the mental toughness of a champion.  Since its original publication in 1993, literally thousands of elite sportspeople from over forty different sports have benefited from the training. 

This NEW EDITION is revised and improved with extra information and exercises to make it even more effective. Mental toughness can be taught and learned.  You can develop your Mental Toughness by completing the daily exercises in the 60 day program.   Invest in yourself, and become a shareholder in your own improved sports performances for less than $1.00 per day.

To get the most benefit from the Sixty Day Mental Training Program (in app purchase) please complete the exercises each day in the order they are presented, including making use of the audio sessions when it is safe and appropriate to do so.

An untrained mind cannot accomplish anything of significant worth - and this is particularly true in sport.  'Trained' in this Sportsmind sense is all about your ability to know what to focus on and pay attention to at any point in time, and the ability to maintain that concentration in the face of external pressures.  This is mental toughness.  The Sportsmind mental training manual helps you to achieve and unlock your full physical potential, as you learn and master the seven skills of the sports mind:

  • Positive Self-Motivation
  • Powerful Goal Achievement Strategies
  • Emotional State Mastery
  • Positive Mental Attitude
  • Strong Concentration & Focusing Abilities
  • Positive Self Image & Unshakeable Self Confidence
  • Precision Visualisation Skills

I've designed this work program to be an experiential learning - so while there will be specific techniques and tools which you can take and use in your specific sports contexts, the whole objective of my approach is that you will become a better athlete just by working through this sixty day program.   You will find it a challenge, but I know you’re up for this challenge.

I suggest that you don't do more than one set of exercises per day, and that you do follow the order as I have designed it, since there is a logical progression built into the program.

The first two weeks are devoted to loosening the hold your current beliefs about yourself have over you, and replacing limiting beliefs with more positive, constructive beliefs.  This forms the foundation of the program.    From then on the program provides practical ways to implement the goal setting, motivation, state management, positive mental attitude, concentration, and positive self-image and visualisation principles and techniques detailed in the Sportsmind text book.  The final couple of weeks of training provide some practice in advanced Sportsmind skills.

Jeffrey Hodges

Sportsmind Founder and Director



Sneak preview of the app contents



The app includes 5 free relaxation and visualisation sessions.


Please take note of the safety message when listening to the relaxation and visualisation sessions.  Only use them when it is safe to do so, not when driving or doing anything else which requires your attention. 




A sixty day mental training manual is available as an in-app purchase.  The manual is a pdf in English only – the text does not reflow.  A free sample is available for you to test readability on your device.  We recommend for small format devices such as smartphones to view in landscape position so the text runs across the widest side of the device.  For larger tablets portrait positioning should allow you to read the full page, although landscape allows you to zoom in to enlarge the text.

Sportsmind Scholarships - Applications open

Sportsmind scholarships are available for the annual Mental Mastery training. There are one full scholarship and two half scholarships offered. Application is open to any athlete who for reasons of financial circumstances cannot currently afford the tuition fee.

Scholarships will be for Sportsmind tuition only - any travel, accommodation or meals are excluded. In addition, a small fee to cover morning/afternoon teas and handouts during the program will be payable.

Application to comprise a ONE page letter stating your age, sport, brief summary of achievements to date, and reason why you wish to attend Sportsmind Mental Mastery.

Applications open each year on July 1st and close on 30th November . All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by 10th December. Applications can be made by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post to Sportsmind Institute 77 Flaxton Mill Rd, Flaxton 4560. Decisions regarding scholarships are made by the Director of the Sportsmind Institute at his discretion, and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the outcomes.

Call 07 5445 7994 for more information or enquiries.

Comments from previous participants

"In five days I've learned so much! I am walking from the course and into my future as a more confident, focused, relaxed and happy individual, not only in my sport, but in my life away from sport. The tools and resources I have gathered are invaluable - I'm extremely confident, 10 foot tall, and bullet-proof! Jeff you're a legend and Mental Mastery rocks!"
- Katie Knight, cyclist, Vic.

"Mental Mastery is about outfitting yourself with the skills to make your life the best experience possible. This course will ensure you can face the challenges, address them positively, enjoy the experience and master the situations you dream to conquer."
- Michelle White, Netball Coach, NSW.

"Your Sportsmind techniques from Mental Mastery helped me win the 100m at the National Masters Athletics championships, and the 200m at the Victorian State Championships."
- Kathleen Cook, Sprinter, Vic.

"Visualisation, mental rehearsal and positive mental attitude ..... I took what I learned at the Sportsmind workshops and applied it through our recent Netball finals, and was awarded best on court! Thanks Jeff!"
- Robyn Forte, Netball, Vic.

"I've driven a total of 930 kilometers over four days to be at these Sportsmind workshops, and it's been worth every kilometer!"
- Harold McNair, Soccer coach, Vic.

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