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The Sportsmind APP

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The Sportsmind app includes 5 free relaxation and visualisation sessions and a preview of the 60 day Mental Training Program. The audio sessions have been used by thousands of athletes world wide for over twenty years.  Each session lasts approximately 20 minutes and uses a different relaxation technique to achieve a specific outcome:

  1. Mental Practice for YOUR Sport
  2. Building Powerful Motivation
  3. Intending Compelling Goals
  4. Developing a Positive Mental Attitude
  5. Harnessing Your Visual Power for Recovery & Healing

The audio sessions contained in this app utilise deep relaxation and visualisation 

techniques designed to help you improve your sports performance and general well-being, 

and require you to fully concentrate mentally, with your eyes closed.   Do not use the sessions when driving a vehicle or doing anything which requires your attention or for you to be fully aware, alert and in control of what you are doing.

An in app purchase provides access to the 60 day Mental Training Program. This training program is unique in its practical ability to help you develop the mental toughness of a champion.  Since its original publication in 1993, literally thousands of elite sportspeople from over forty different sports have benefited from the training. 

This NEW EDITION is revised and improved with extra information and exercises to make it even more effective. Mental toughness can be taught and learned.  You can develop your Mental Toughness by completing the daily exercises in the 60 day program.   Invest in yourself, and become a shareholder in your own improved sports performances for less than $1.00 per day.

To get the most benefit from the Sixty Day Mental Training Program (in app purchase) please complete the exercises each day in the order they are presented, including making use of the audio sessions when it is safe and appropriate to do so.

An untrained mind cannot accomplish anything of significant worth - and this is particularly true in sport.  'Trained' in this Sportsmind sense is all about your ability to know what to focus on and pay attention to at any point in time, and the ability to maintain that concentration in the face of external pressures.  This is mental toughness.  The Sportsmind mental training manual helps you to achieve and unlock your full physical potential, as you learn and master the seven skills of the sports mind:

  • Positive Self-Motivation
  • Powerful Goal Achievement Strategies
  • Emotional State Mastery
  • Positive Mental Attitude
  • Strong Concentration & Focusing Abilities
  • Positive Self Image & Unshakeable Self Confidence
  • Precision Visualisation Skills

I've designed this work program to be an experiential learning - so while there will be specific techniques and tools which you can take and use in your specific sports contexts, the whole objective of my approach is that you will become a better athlete just by working through this sixty day program.   You will find it a challenge, but I know you’re up for this challenge.

I suggest that you don't do more than one set of exercises per day, and that you do follow the order as I have designed it, since there is a logical progression built into the program.

The first two weeks are devoted to loosening the hold your current beliefs about yourself have over you, and replacing limiting beliefs with more positive, constructive beliefs.  This forms the foundation of the program.    From then on the program provides practical ways to implement the goal setting, motivation, state management, positive mental attitude, concentration, and positive self-image and visualisation principles and techniques detailed in the Sportsmind text book.  The final couple of weeks of training provide some practice in advanced Sportsmind skills.

Jeffrey Hodges

Sportsmind Founder and Director



Sneak preview of the app contents



The app includes 5 free relaxation and visualisation sessions.


Please take note of the safety message when listening to the relaxation and visualisation sessions.  Only use them when it is safe to do so, not when driving or doing anything else which requires your attention. 




A sixty day mental training manual is available as an in-app purchase.  The manual is a pdf in English only – the text does not reflow.  A free sample is available for you to test readability on your device.  We recommend for small format devices such as smartphones to view in landscape position so the text runs across the widest side of the device.  For larger tablets portrait positioning should allow you to read the full page, although landscape allows you to zoom in to enlarge the text.

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